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Not Just Guns

Who says you need to use your gun safe for firearms exclusively? With a big enough safe, you can protect nearly all of your high risk items, keeping them safe whether you're at home, or away.  

Protect items like:

 - Cash

 - Credit cards

 - Medications

 - Small electronic items

Fire Protection

One of the top reasons people choose to purchase Liberty gun safes is for the fire protection they offer. If you are shopping for a safe, here some things we think you should know about safe fire protection.


To make it easier for our customers to understand the security features that are included with our safes, Liberty utilizes an 8-level security designation. You can easily compare the security features that come standard with each security level.


Exercising our Second Amendment right to own a gun is a privilege that many Americans enjoy. Owning a gun comes with some serious responsibilities and risks. As a gun owner, it's important to be aware of what's at stake, especially in regards to how you store your weapons. 

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